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ZENITH Unveils New Metallic Blue Dial in the CHRONOMASTER SPORT Steel Collection

ZENITH Chronomaster Sport with Metallic Blue Dial in Stainless Steel

Le Locle, October 10, 2023: Reflecting the deep allure of the night sky and the dreams it encompasses, ZENITH introduces its iconic shade to the dial of the modern-day favorite, the El Primero Chronomaster Sport. This isn’t merely a dial transformation; the latest Chronomaster Sport rendition beautifully echoes the “DeLuca” and “Rainbow” references from the 1980s and 1990s, showcasing a captivating blue dial complemented by a polished steel bezel.

We understand the excitement and anticipation that comes with owning a timepiece of such unparalleled craftsmanship. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce an exclusive pre-order opportunity for the Chronomaster Sport for our valued customers. Before it hits the shelves and becomes the talk of the town, secure your very own piece of ZENITH’s legacy. By pre-ordering, you not only ensure that you’re among the first to wear this masterpiece on your wrist but also enjoy a seamless and priority purchasing experience

What Sets the Chronomaster Sport Apart?

Precision Perfected

Redefining the boundaries of high-frequency timekeeping, it boasts a groundbreaking 1/10th of a second chronograph function, presenting elapsed time in an intuitive 10-second span on its bezel.

A Nod to the Past

This modern marvel embodies the spirit of the iconic ZENITH El Primero. While the Chronomaster Sport is a modern-day masterpiece, its roots run deep, drawing major design cues from the emblematic El Primero models – notably, the “DeLuca” of the 1980s and the “Rainbow” of the 1990s.

Modern Craftsmanship

Elevating its design, the watch features a robust all-steel body and a captivating blue tricolour dial. And for the first time, ZENITH opts for stainless steel over ceramic for the engraved 1/10th of a second bezel that adorns the 41mm steel case. Paired with pump-style pushers and a polished surface with engraved markers, it echoes the charm of classic El Primero models. The ensemble is gracefully completed with a three-link steel bracelet, enhancing its sporty yet elegant aesthetics.

The Dial

The heart of any watch, and in this case, a beautifully designed one. With a metallic blue hue accompanied by a sunburst finish, it’s a perfect blend of contrasts and textures. Historically rich, the dial pays homage to its predecessors, the DeLuca and Rainbow, both of which offered blue dial variants. The signature tricolour dial of El Primero stands out, accentuated further by chronograph counters in shades of grey and blue.

Unrivaled Mechanism

The Chronomaster Sport houses the El Primero 3600 calibre, the newest evolution of the El Primero lineage. Operating at a remarkable frequency of 5 Hz, it ensures impeccable 1/10th of a second indications. ZENITH has also fine-tuned its power reserve, now standing at an impressive 60 hours. The transparent sapphire back offers a front-row view of the movement’s sleek design, showcasing the blue column wheel and an open rotor adorned with ZENITH’s signature five-pointed star

Final Words from our Timepiece Specialist

The Chicago businessman, it’s not merely about keeping time but about showcasing ambition, legacy, and an undying commitment to excellence. The Chronomaster Sport’s blend of robust functionality and classic aesthetics is tailor-made for the Windy City’s dynamic pulse. As you navigate boardrooms, close pivotal deals, or simply enjoy the city’s architectural marvels, this watch isn’t just an accessory; it’s your companion, a testament to your journey and aspirations. In the city of big shoulders, let your wrist tell a story of grandeur and precision with the Chronomaster Sport.

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