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What Are Chicago’s Most Popular Diamond Shapes?

  • Round BrilliantA classic, popular cut diamonds that is prized for sparkle and brilliance.
  • Oval CutA contemporary cut diamond, established in the 1960’s, large surface area.
  • Cushion CutKnown for it’s crushed ice reflection, a blend between old mine cuts and oval shapes.
  • Princess– A classic, yet contemporary cut with exquisite sparkle.
  • Emerald– A graceful, classic cut that will last the test of time. Art Deco or Bust.
  • Asscher– Hollywood, glamorous, classy. All the above would apply. Simply lovely.
  • Marquise– Since the 1800’s in France, Marquise Diamonds are unique and delicate.
  • Radiant-Sparkle and brilliance just behind a Round Brilliant diamond.
  • PearA unique and lovely diamond, for your unique and lovely bride-to-be.

Our Loose Diamond Inventory is carefully selected to assure that your diamond purchase is the highest quality, GIA certified, and amazingly beautiful stone that we can find.

Marshall Pierce & Company Pear Shape Solitaire Engagement Ring

Who’s the Best Jeweler in Chicago?

In short, Marshall Pierce & Company. We’ve been in the business since 1928, and have built a reputation on creating good relationships, and making sure our customers are informed and confident in their engagement ring purchase. It’s a big deal. We get it, and want to make certain you have a wonderful, memorable experience. We’d be happy to set up an appointment for you to take a look at our engagement ring inventory.